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Page 10, PGA C.A.N.!                                                  April 2022                                                                                                                                                    April 2022

      Tax Talk

      Dear Friends:                                     Firefighter For A Day                              for real estate property tax and tangible personal property
         April  brings  the  close                                                                         tax. The IPP divides your taxes into four installments
      of the property tax season                           I  was  recently                                due in June/July, September, December, and March, and
      for our office, but the work                      honored to gear up as a                            includes a discount of just under 4 percent.
      continues.  Now  we  must                         firefighter for the day to                            First Time Applicants: The deadline to sign up for
      manage the work associated                        take part in the Delray                            2022 is April 30. You are officially enrolled in the plan
      with the delinquent property                      Beach Fire Rescue and                              when the first payment is made in June 2022 (discount
      tax  payments.  Of  course,                       IAFF Local 1842 Fire                               applied) or by July 31 (no discount). Failure to pay the
      vehicle registrations, driver                     Ops 101. The program                               first installment by July 31 will result in being removed
      license, title transfers and all                  provides a hands-                                  from the IPP and the full tax bill will be due in one lump
      our other services continue                       on day of learning                                 sum, to be payable during the November 1 to March 31
      in earnest. On top of that,                       about the fire service,                            tax cycle.
      April 30 is the deadline to sign up for our convenient   experiencing firsthand                         Current Plan Participants: Once signed up you do
      Installment Payment Plan (IPP) where you can have your   the environment in                          not need to reapply. Plan participation is automatically
      property tax or tangible personal property tax divided up   which  firefighters                      renewed  by  making  the  June  payment.  For  more
      into four payments during the year. So, if your taxes are   work. Spending a                         information visit:
      not escrowed by your lender and you want to avoid having   day  in  their  “boots”
      to pay your taxes in one lump sum, I encourage you to   and heavy gear, you                          Important Dates And
      visit for additional information and   understand more the risks they face every day while on the
      to sign up. But hurry, the deadline is April 30!  job, risking their lives to save others.           Deadlines
                                             Sincerely,     As a member of the Maroon Team under the leadership
                                       Anne M. Gannon,  of  Division  Chief  Sean  Gibson,  I  was  equipped  with   April 1   Tourist Development Tax (TDT) Due
           Constitutional Tax Collector, Serving Palm Beach   full protective equipment, and went through a variety of   April 15 to 23  Passover
                                                County  real-life scenarios at the Palm Beach State College Fire   April 17   Easter
                                                        Academy Complex in Lake Worth. The scenarios included   April 30   Deadline to sign up for 2022 Installment
      Sean Kenney’s Nature POP!                         a search and rescue, extrication of car accident passenger,      Payment Plan
                                                        exposure to the heat conditions of a live fire and operating
      At Mounts Botanical Garden                        a fire hose.
                                                           It was an extremely rewarding day, and I would like to
         Reconnect                                      thank the Delray Beach Fire Rescue and IAFF Local 1842
      with  your  inner                                 for this amazing opportunity to experience the challenges
      child. This  new                                  firefighters face in order to protect us. I was overwhelmed by
      exhibition from                                   their commitment and bravery, and I have a tremendous respect
      acclaimed  artist                                 for these impressive individuals and the work they do.
      Sean   Kenney
      fe atures ove r                                   Budget Friendly
      40   sc ul pt ure s
      made from  more                                   Tax Payment Plan
      t h a n 8 00, 00 0
      L E GO   p i e c e s                                 For those whose property taxes aren’t escrowed, we
      and explores the                                  offer a budget friendly Installment Payment Plan (IPP)
      beauty  of  nature
      through  highly
      stylized,  colorful
      displays  that  stand  in  striking  contrast  with  their
      surroundings. Produced by Imagine Exhibitions, Nature
      POP! blends art, science, and innovation in the display of
      these sculptures. Known for his ability to make striking
      works of art using simple LEGO toys, Kenney pushes
      the boundaries of the medium in this new exhibition
      through his use of vibrant colors and a bold, graphical
      style. Inspired by the pop art movement, Kenney’s work
      on  Nature  POP!  plays  on  that  movement’s  principles
      by blurring the boundaries between the austere and the
      everyday and draws from a belief  that everything is
         Event dates are Jan. 8 to May 1, Tuesday to Sunday,
      9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Last entry at 3 p.m.) Visit Mounts
      Botanical Garden (MBG) website to purchase tickets:
      $15 adults; $12 seniors 65-plus, college students
      and military with identification; $7 ages 6 to 17;
      FREE for MBG members, RAP members (American
      Horticultural Society reciprocal admissions program),
      and children under 6.

                                                            Licensed and Insured
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