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Page 8, PGA C.A.N.!                                                   April 2022                                                                                                                                                    April 2022

      Palm Beach County Property Appraiser

      Dear Taxpayer:                                    Palm Beach County Property
         Happy Spring!
         My office continues to                         Appraiser’s Office Service
      work on the 2022 tax roll
      and make preparations for                         Centers
      the release of the estimated
      2022 taxable property                                While a vast array of services and information are available
      values to the Palm Beach                          online 24/7 at, my office maintains five
      County taxing authorities at                      service  centers,  conveniently  located  throughout  Palm
      the end of May.                                   Beach County and staffed by qualified professionals. They
         These preliminary                              administer the homestead exemption, additional property
      estimates assist the county,                      tax exemptions, mailing address and ownership changes,
      municipalities, and other taxing authorities in projecting their   portability applications, and more.
      budgets and tax rates and also provide a benchmark as to what   2021 Customer Service By The Numbers
      revenue they can expect to receive from property taxes in the   • Phone calls: 122,090 (up from 67,102 in 2020)
      coming year.                                      • Counter visits: 23,736
         After the taxing authorities have determined their budgets   • E-files: 19,355 (up 17 percent from 2020)
      and proposed tax rates based on the preliminary estimates,   • Total new homestead exemptions: 29,737
      my office will mail the Notice of Proposed Taxes to every   • Portability applications: 6,529
      property owner in August. The notice will detail the assessed
      value of your property, your proposed tax rates, and an   Short-Term Rental Of A
      estimate of your tax bill. Stay tuned.
         Also, as “Snowbird Season” comes to a close, we’ve   Homesteaded Property
      included important information on short-term rentals on a
      homesteaded property for those property owners who benefit      You may rent your homesteaded property for 30 days or
      from the homestead exemption and are considering renting   less per calendar year and maintain a homestead exemption.
      all or a portion of their homesteaded property.   Rental for more than 30 days for two consecutive years
         I hope you find this information beneficial and interesting.  or for more than six months constitutes abandonment of a
                                            Respectfully,  homestead exemption.
                                 Dorothy Jacks, CFA, AAS,     Exempt property rented after Jan. 1 of any year does not
                      Palm Beach County Property Appraiser  affect the homestead exemption for that particular year. If the
                                 We Value What You Value  property is rented on Jan. 1 of the following year or the terms
                                                        of the lease are six months or more, the exemption will be
                                                        denied. Property owners are required to notify the Property
                                                        Appraiser’s Office when their property no longer qualifies
                                                        for exemption. Failure to do so could result in a homestead
                                                        tax lien with substantial penalty and interest.
                                                           Be aware of the law before deciding to rent your property.
                                                        (Florida Statute 196.061 and 196.011 (9) (a)). For more
                                                        information, visit or contact Exemption
                                                        Services at (561) 355-2866.

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       of  elders.  The  Alpert  family  and  Children’s
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