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      Dining Out: Do You Know Your Sushi?

      Here’s A Way To Find Out!

      By  Alan Serinsky of Bocaire                       he’s Japanese with a Jewish name, asked me to join him at an   sushi bar, often called red sea bream; Maguro, a beautiful
      Country Club. Hungry Al’s love                     Omakase restaurant for what he considered to be the perfect   sashimi piece of Bluefin tuna perched on black rice; Ebi

      for food started very young. Never                 Bento Box.                                        Tempura, fresh prawns dipped in a crispy tempura batter;

      satisfied with his mom’s dishes, he                   For those who have never heard of the word Omakase, it   Buri Daikon, a simmered dish featuring yellowtail, sweet
      started to cook his way through her                literally means; “leave it up to you.” That translates to giving   daikon radish in soy-infused broth; Chu Toro, expensive cut
      Betty Crocker Cookbook. During                     a very experienced sushi chef (Itamae) approval to use his full   of medium fatty Bluefin tuna on black rice; Wagyu Toro,

      the years to follow he spent many                  discretion on what to serve. Here in the United States it has   you got it … this is the hard-to-find premium Bluefin tuna

      hours working in restaurants, both                 taken on a secondary meaning of an extended sushi dinner,   of high fat content; and Uni, this is a world-class delicacy
      as server and cook, attending cooking classes and traveling   often eaten at the sushi counter, with the chef preparing one   of sea urchin roe and of limit availability.
      the world in an effort to expand his palette. As a professional   piece of high-quality fish at a time using a very artistic and   Your Local Omakase Destinations: Of course, I don’t

      writer, Hungry Al offers his perspective on current food trends   theatrical method.                 expect all of you to travel to Fort Lauderdale to have such
      and guides you through your local restaurant options.   The Experience: I recommend that, if you ever desire   an experience. So taking into consideration the current cost
                                                         to participate in this method of dining, I would come with   of gas, parking fee, and added drive time, you might want
      TAKATO/OKU                                         a strong appetite along with an increase to your credit card   to consider some more local options for a few less yen.
      Conrad Beach Hotel                                 limit. Usually, an Omakase is limited to an average of eight
      551 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach                       to 10 diners. There is an average of 20 courses, and set your   Sunset Sushi    Sushigo
      Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304                          watch to about three hours.                       477 North Federal Hwy    2433 North Federal Hwy
      (954) 414-5180                                        Our first course started outside the locked doors of Oku,   Boca Raton, FL 33431   Boca Raton, FL 33431                           an exclusive sushi bar separated from the main dining room   (561) 347-7888   (561) 927-6029
                                                         at Takato. Our special escort happily delivered a tequila
         Food For Thought: My first memories of eating sushi   Mai Tai for us to sip as we waited for our other six sushi      Check Please: Obviously, this is not your weekly sushi

      date back three decades ago. If my recollection is correct,   participants.                          outing. But for a special occasion, a special treat, or you
      there wasn’t even one sushi restaurant in Boca (hard to      There was an informal meet and greet as we took our   want to upgrade  your sushi palette without a trip to Japan, I
      believe). I actually drove to Coral Springs where the only   positions at the sushi counter and filled our glasses with sake.   recommend this experience – with an asterisk*.

      sushi restaurant existed, and most of the way I complained   Then the curtains went up and the show started. For the next      * As you know, everything good comes with a price.
      why I thought eating raw fish seemed very unappetizing. I   three hours, two master sushi chefs performed their artistry   The bill for two of us without the premium sake, including

      was such a novice I thought a California Roll was a surfing   with the knives that would make a Shogun jealous. The fish   tip and taxes, totaled $680. Fortunately, Hungry Al never

      term. After struggling through the meal, I confess I was never   dishes seemed to fly off the hook nonstop with a methodical   complains about cost when it comes to quality of company
      going to eat sushi again. Boy, was I wrong!        preparation that would win any skilled Itamae an Iron Chef   or food. Spending three wonderful hours with my son-in-
         Then, as they say … you have to acquire a taste for sushi.   trophy.                              law, enjoying what he loves is enough to make me feel
      So, my next visit a year later was Sushi Ray, the first of many   The Omakase Courses: With 22 courses, it would be   like an emperor. How can I

      sushi restaurants to open its doors in Boca Raton. Fortunately,   overwhelming to explain each dish we consumed. So, in   not award Oku five golden
      this trip I fared much better. Having dropped the “fear factor”   an effort of brevity, allow me to give you the highlights.   pieces of sushi?
      this time around, I allowed myself to indulge in the flavors   Our first course, was actually presented in a Bento Box. It   *****

      and textures of this Japanese cuisine.             contained fresh Bluefin tuna, urchin topped with gold leaf,   (Editor’s Note: As editor, after reading the above and noting

         Like most of our choices in cuisine and restaurants, we   sliced octopus with edible shio flowers, and Amberjack   the clearly wonderful, sharing relationship this writer has

      become complacent in our experiences. What we determine   topped with fresh black truffle.           with his son-in-law, I am assigning
      to be the “best” sushi in the neighborhood is only governed      Here’s what followed:               my own award of four golden after-
      by our personal taste buds and our understanding of the norm.   Chawanmushi, a Japanese savory egg custard bottomed   dinner Cuban cigars to our columnist
         It was that way for me until my son-in-law, who believes   with sliced snapper; Madai, one of the most prized fish at the   Alan Serinsky.—NAS)
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