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      The Fuller Center Second Annual Legacy Polo Brunch

      Helped Raise Funds For Families In Need

         The Fuller Center Foundation hosted the Second Annual
      Legacy Polo Brunch recently to benefit under-resourced
      children and families. The reception and brunch was
      followed by the USPA Gold Cup polo match at IPC –
      International Polo Club Palm Beach.
         The event was chaired by Peg Anderson, Kelly Baker
      Ferrarese, and Eamonn Gunther. The event attracted 50
      members of the Fuller Foundation’s Legacy Society; a
      group instrumental in helping the organization fulfill its
      mission of providing childcare, aftercare and other services
      to working families.
         “We were so pleased to see such a great response from our
      Legacy Society members who play a critical role in helping local
      kids and families in need,” said Peg Anderson, event cochair.
         For more information contact Alana Lagerström, special
      events director, at (561) 391-7274, Ext. 134 or email
      About The Fuller Center
         The Fuller Center has been a community cornerstone for   Stacey Packer, Doug and Marcia Mithun, Nerone de Brito, Elen de Paula, Ellyn Okrent, Lori Shepard, Kathy Yaffe, Cheryl
      over 50 years, providing under-resourced children the same   Leskar, Valerie Silverman, Steve Okrent, Murray Shepard, Dan Yaffe, Marc Silverman, Yvette Drucker
      educational opportunities as their more affluent peers. Our
      goal is to support hardworking families and their children to
      achieve their full potential. We believe all children should have
      the chance to experience success in school, in work, and in life,
      regardless of their parents’ income or zip code.
         For children 6 weeks to 5 years old, we offer a holistic early
      education program, setting the foundation for school success
      and lifelong learning. For school-age youth, we have opened a
      private CHOICE elementary school serving kindergarten to third
      grade, and we offer after school, summer camp, and out of school
      time programs to develop skills in social interaction, literacy,
      science, technology, math, and the arts, and providing tutoring,
      mentoring, and enrichment activities. We have incorporated a
      teen program providing youth the opportunities to build skills
      in leadership, communication, project development, work skills                                       Murray and Lori Shepard, Cheryl Leskar, Valerie and Marc
      readiness, and community service.                  Ellyn and Steve Okrent and Kathy and Dan Yaffe    Silverman
         At the Fuller Center, we believe that educated children and
      empowered families create a strong, supportive community.
      The Fuller Center offers a unique, comprehensive system
      of family support to ensure that parents and caregivers are
      empowered to provide for their families and make a positive
      economic impact in our community. We know that when it
      comes to turning the tide of generational, economic inequity
      and making a positive impact, tomorrow begins today!
      Facebook: @fullercenterfl
      Instagram: @florencefullercenters

                                                                                                Simone Spiegel, Peg Anderson, Kelly Baker Ferrarese, Ellyn Okrent,
                                                         Doug Mithun, Mary Coleman, Marcia Mithun  Eamonn Gunther

                                                                  Everyone deserves a doctor who they

                                                                       trust and like. One who listens and

                                                                     takes their time to answer questions

                                                                   and address concerns. A doctor who is
      Peg Anderson and Asa Loof Adam and Juliana Hasner
                                                                     available when you need them most.

                                                           I provide proactive, preventive, wellness & sick care to
                                                           adult patients at my concierge medical practice.

                                                           To discuss your health needs, and my care model, you

                                                           are invited to a complimentary meet and greet with
                                                           me - by video, phone or, when the pandemic permits,
                               Stacey Packer and Yvette
      Yiching and Todd Goodhue  Drucker                    in-person at my practice.

                                                           Please call 561.368.0191 to schedule your meet and
                                                           greet with me. I look forward to meeting you.

        Captain’s was established in 1980 servicing
        Palm Beach County and is a privately                                                                          Steven E. Reznick, MD, FACP
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        Captain’s is committed to providing
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