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                                                          Kids CornEr

      New WPTV Newsroom                                  area, and headline wall.

      Exhibit: Children Bringing You                     Visitors are able to select
                                                         different backgrounds in the
      Breaking News And Weather                          production area and learn
                                                         how producers are able to
        On Sunday, Sept. 4, The Children’s Museum of the   cut in with breaking news.
      Treasure Coast opened its newest exhibit; the WPTV   Then those who are not
      Newsroom. News anchors, reporters, WPTV production   camera shy can report on
      staff and museum staff all joined together with their   stories or give the weather
      families for a delicious breakfast and ribbon cutting   report in front of the green
      ceremony. The lights were on, the camera was ready,   screen. Finally, the news
      and the children were excited to be the first to report the   continues as visitors write
      breaking news.                                     today’s headlines in a “Mad
        The new News Room exhibit is proudly sponsored by   Libs” style magnet wall.
      WPTV News Station. With their support, The Children’s     The purpose of this
      Museum was able to build a new creative space for children   exhibit is to teach all the
      to learn about reporting breaking news and weather.   roles of producing the local   Tammy Calabria, James Griffel, Ashleigh Walters, Bill Siegel, Katie Makemson, Timothy
      The new exhibit features a green screen, production   news; on and off camera,   Walker, Chris “Washer” Kearns
                                                         and hopefully spark an
                                                         interest  in  a  future  career.  Katie  Makemson,  exhibit   Walters. After taking a tour of the real WPTV station, I
                                                         designer with The Children’s Museum of the Treasure   saw the importance of teaching all the behind-the-scenes
                                                         Coast  said,  “It’s  been  wonderful  working  on  this   action along with the stars on screen. My hopes are that
                                                         partnership with WPTV, including News Anchor Ashleigh   one day in the future we see one of our visitors at the
                                                                                                           WPTV anchor desk.”
                                                                                                             The Children’s Museum would not have been able to
                                                                                                           complete this exhibit without the help from All About
                                                                                                           Achieving. Chris Kearns, aka “Washer,” was instrumental
                                                                                                           in taking ideas above and beyond and creating a more
                                                                                                           immersive exhibit. We are grateful for his help!
                                                                                                             The museum strives to keep the Children’s Museum
                                                                                                           evolving and relevant. The museum continues to grow and
      Tory Dunnan with Slade, Tanner and Piper Anerson                                                     flourish each year and we are excited about the exhibits
                                                                                                           still to come. If you would like to participate or would
                                                                                                           like more information about future projects on the horizon,
                                                                                                           please  feel  free  to  contact  Katie  Makemson,  project
                                                                                                           manager at (772) 225-7575, Ext. 205. We look forward to
                                                                                                           seeing you playing and learning at the Children’s Museum.
                                                         Shannon Cake                                                            Photos by MaryAnn Ketchum

                                                           Helping Unmotivated Teens                         Depression in teens is real and anxiety and
                                                                                                           depression often co-occur. These are mental health
                                                           By Jim Forgan, Ph.D.,                           issues that do not go away on their own and can appear
                                                           Licensed School                                 as your teen being agitated, unmotivated, disinterested,
                                                           Psychologist                                    flippant, argumentative, withdrawn, and experimenting
                                                             Unmotivated,  lazy,                           to fill an unmet void. If you suspect your teen has
      Michelle and Mike Quesada with Mickey on TV with Tanner   not applying himself,                      depression or anxiety, seek treatment. We offer testing
      and Piper Amerson on controls                        and not working to his                          to rule out other problems and determine the true issue.
                                                           potential were words a                          Alternatively, you can talk to your medical provider.
                                                           mom  used  to  describe                           Counselors offer support to teens willing to
                                                           her  16-year-old  son                           participate in the process. A type of effective
                                                           as we discussed her                             counseling is cognitive behavioral therapy. This goal
                                                           concerns. This  11th                            oriented counseling helps your teen reframe negative
                                                           grade adolescent seemed                         thinking and change thought processes which, in
                                                           to be a lost soul since he did not care about school grades,   turn, change behavior. Counselors are available at
                                                           was defiant at home, and was pushing others away. Mom or If your teen is open
                                                           was concerned about him and as she put it, “He doesn’t   to reading a self-help type of book check out the book,
                                                           even realize how much he’s messing up now and how   Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your
                                                           much it will come back to haunt him later.” We decided   Life…And Maybe The World or Anxiety Relief for Teens
                                                           to test him to help give her direction and determine   by Regine Galanti.
                                                           if his struggles were due to an underlying disorder or     If  you  have  an  unmotivated  teen,  call  our  office
                                                           something else. Testing revealed no learning disabilities,   as we test children ages 5.5 through college for
      Tanner, Slade and Piper Anerson with Katie Makemson in red  but the teen was depressed which was causing him not   dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, depression, anxiety, and other
                                                           to care about now or later. Based on this information,   processing disorders. Visit or call
                                                           mom obtained the right help for her son.        (561) 625-4125.

      Mallory Whittemore

        Captain’s was established in 1980 servicing
        Palm Beach County and is a privately
        owned and managed company.
        Captain’s is committed to providing
        dependable, reliable and professional
        ground transportation to and from all
        South Florida Airports and Seaports.  PBCVH212
           To reserve your vehicle:
       561-798-2180 or 800-634-7890
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