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      Memo from County Tax Collector from page 7           Honoring Our                                      This is the official pin of the United States of America
                                                        Vietnam Veterans.                                 Vietnam War Commemoration, authorized by Congress
      make the process of paying your property taxes online as  It  is  an  honor  to                     to recognize the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. It’s
      easy as possible:                                 recognize  Palm                                   a heartfelt tribute to those who served, and a way to say,
      • For Owner Name searches, enter First Name[space]Last  Beach  County’s                             “Thank you,” for their service to our country.
      Name. Example: John Smith                         V ietnam  W ar                                       Requests can be made by completing a request form
      • The Property Control Number can found on your tax bill.  Vet erans.  I  am                        online  at Your  pin,  along  with  my
      Example: 11-22-33-44-55-666-7777.                 offering  Vietnam                                 personal letter of appreciation, will be mailed. Pins are
      • The entire Property Control Number must be entered to  Veterans  a  special                       available now through November 30th. Veterans are only
      perform a Property Control Number search. No need to  commemorative                                 eligible to receive one pin; therefore, if you previously
      enter the dashes.                                 lapel pin as my way                               received your commemorative pin, no need to request again.
      • For addresses, enter your “Street Number” and “Street  of  saying  “Thank  you”  for  their  service  and  sacrifice.  We thank you for your service.
      Name”.                                            This is the third year we have participated in this special  Noteworthy Dates:
       • Completely spell out the name of the street for specific  partnership with the Florida Department of Highway Safety  Nov 1st – Mar 31st - Property Tax Season
      results, i.e. entering “Mount” will only return records that  and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). Our office is honored to  Nov 24th-25th - Thanksgiving Holiday – Offices Closed
      exactly match, it will not return “Mountain”. Do not enter  provide one pin to local veterans or their families in honor  Nov 30th - Deadline for Property Tax 4% Discount
      the street type (Way, Street, Lane or Road).      of their military service in Vietnam.             Nov 30th - Hurricane Season Ends
      • An asterisk (*) may be used in the field as a “wildcard”
      to expand results. For example, entering “Mount*” would   From the Desk of Palm Beach County
      also return “Mountain”.
      • Avoid using street types (LN, ST, AVE) and directions (N,
      S, E, W) to return better results.                Mayor Robert S. Weinroth: Fire Rescue

                Medicare                                Helps West Coast After Hurricane

                                                        Robert Weinroth, a former member
                                                                                                          to  the  Palm  Beach  County  Food  Bank  and  other  food
                                                        of the Boca Raton City Council, was               the  commercial  harvest. The  produce  is  then  donated
        open enrollMent                                 Commissioner  to replace Steven                   countywide.
                                                                                                          relief partners for distribution to individuals and families
                                                        elected as a Palm Beach County

                                                                                                             CROS  Ministries  is  a  local  non-profit  agency  that
                                                        Abrams, who retired due to term
                                                        limits requirements.
                                                                                                          holds annual gleaning events at local farms and is always
                                                           Palm Beach County Fire Rescue
                    for 2023                              has deployed groups of personnel to             in  need  of  volunteers.  It’s  a  great  way  to  spend  time
                                                                                                          outdoors  while  helping  provide  fresh  produce  to  those
                                                        help with post-storm efforts on the
                                                                                                          in need. For more information, contact Keith Cutshall at
                                                          west coast, including:                 or Robynne Ryals at rryals@
                                                           • Eight special operations personnel in Fort Myers;
                                                           • 16 personnel on teams with other local municipal fire     Places to Play. There are several county parks that
                                                        departments;                                      provide outdoor fitness courses with exercise equipment,
                 cHecK For                                division chief, deputy chief and captain on management,  rowers, all for free. For more information, visit https://
                                                           • Four firefighter/paramedics, an electronics technician,  such as chest press machines, ellipticals and self-weighted
                   eXcItInG                             operations and communications teams;    

                                                                                                             Non-profit  Spotlight: The  Miracle  League  Palm
                                                           • A dispatcher for 911 center relief.
                                                           We are grateful for our first responders’ support for our  Beach County. For over ten years, the Miracle League
                                                        fellow Floridians.                                has made it possible for children nationwide with physical
                                                           Holiday Scam Alert. With the holidays fast approaching,  and mental challenges to achieve the same dream as their
          neW PLanS                                       the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning of the many  peers and play baseball.
                           and                          ways  consumers  and  donors  could  get  scammed  this     Games  take  place  at  the  Anthony  V.  Pugliese
                                                        season. The BBB released its “Naughty List,” which details  field,  which  has  cushioned  synthetic  turf,  wheelchair-
               aLL neW                                  the top scams that are most likely to catch people off guard  accessible  dugouts  and  a  flat  surface  to  eliminate
                                                                                                          barriers  for  the  players.  For  more  information,  visit
                                                        during the holidays.
                                                           Be mindful of  these  scams that  could  cut into your

                                                                                                             History Corner. After World War I, a combination of
             BeneFItS                                   holiday cheer, and tips to avoid them:              events caused a real estate boom in south Florida. The
                                                           • Fake charities: verify a charity at BBB’s

                                                           •  Pet  scams:  experts  say  80%  of  sponsored  pet  production of affordable automobiles for a growing middle

                                                        advertisements may be fake.
                                                                                                          class turned the United States into a mobile society. New
                    YoU are                               information and paying new shipping fees.       economy encouraged them to buy land and build homes.
                                                           • Shipping notifications: emails requesting personal  roads  carried Americans  southward,  where  a  thriving
                                                                                                             Between 1915 and 1927, a system of connecting roads
                                                           Protecting the Consumer. The Palm Beach County
               entItLed to                                Public Safety Department’s Consumer Affairs Division  called the Dixie Highway, now called US Route 1, was
                                                        provides valuable services concerning unfair, fraudulent  completed along Florida’s east coast from Georgia as far
                                                        or deceptive practices of businesses and landlords.  south as Miami in 1926.
                                                           The division will investigate and attempt to mediate     By 1920, Florida had a population of nearly one million,
                                                        the complaint, whenever possible. However, by law  they  which would grow by more than half in the next decade.
           Peter Gratzon                                cannot require a business to resolve the dispute. In addition,  If the climate was not enough to entice the newcomers, in
                                                        consumers can obtain reports on local businesses providing  1924 the state amended its constitution for the first time
              toP IndePendent                           any current and previous complaints. It’s a good resource  to prohibit state income and inheritance taxes.
                                                        to  check  prior  to  engaging  a  local  business.  For  more
                                                                                                             If you are interested in having Mayor Weinroth speak
               medIcare aGent                           information, visit           at a community, condo or homeowner association event,
                                                           Gleaning Volunteers Needed. Gleaning is the process  please  contact  our  office  at  (561)  355-2204  or  email
                 561-361-7173                           of harvesting leftover produce from growers’ fields after

              c: 561-289-9396

             time for a supplemeNtal plaN?
                        choose aNy
             doctor/hospital/No referrals
                aNywhere iN the couNtry

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