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VOL. 27 NO. 9                                                                         SEPTEMBER 2019

      From The Manager

      By Kathleen O’Donovan, General Manager                                         We are also pleased to announce that we are once again partnering with Walgreens to host
                                                                                  a Flu Shot Clinic for Boca Pointe Residents to provide Flu and Pneumonia immunizations.
         As summer comes to an end this month, we will be welcoming               The clinic will be held on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019 from 9am to 2:30pm at the
      home our residents that spend their summers elsewhere as well               Community Association office located at 6909 SW 18th St. Suite A120 in the Boardwalk
      as planning for the return of our seasonal residents.                       shopping plaza. Please call the BPCA office to schedule your appointment. For insurance
         The first order of business is to remind you that we are                 purposes, the Pneumonia shot must be approved in advance. There is a form to fill out and
      approaching the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season. While                submit which we can provide to you. Appointments are mandatory to ensure that Walgreens
      hurricane season runs from June 1 through the end of November,              has a sufficient supply of serum as well as professionals to administer the shots in a timely
      the “peak season within the season” runs from mid-August                    fashion. Unfortunately, the Shingrix (Shingles) vaccine is Not available this season. Please
      through mid-October. If you have not registered for the                     call 561-395-7551 to schedule your appointment.
      Community Association’s email blast program, please do so by                   If you have a great story to tell about an adventure you had over the summer, we are
      registering on our website at It’s our quickest method to get information   always looking for great articles for our monthly community newspaper. You do not have
      out to all our residents. During hurricane season, we’ll begin to email “storm updates” once we   to be a regular contributing feature writer to send along a great article to share. Encourage
      have begun tracking an approaching weather system.                          your friends to do so as well. All submissions for Viewpointe should be sent to our BPCA
         Wondering when you can bring us your unwanted personal documents to shred? Wednesday   Assistant Manager, Lisa Cammaleri at
      December 4th, 2019 will be the next shred event. The location and details will be in the upcoming      Again, remember, we are in the “peak” of hurricane season, think through what you will
      issue of Viewpointe as well as announced through email updates and channel 63.  need to do if a storm approaches South Florida and stay informed! 
       The Club At Boca Pointe Attracting New Owners,

       Renters With Its Menu Of Non-Mandatory Memberships

      By Helen Karpel,                                                            a new lifestyle in Boca Pointe. Our Premier Membership program plus our other unique
      General Manager,                                                            offerings whether it is for golf, tennis or just fitness has attracted many new residents. It is
      The Club at Boca Pointe,                                                    simple to drive to the fitness center for a class or workout, or roll out of bed just in time to
      561-864-8539                                                                make it to the first tee on time.”                                                    We would treasure having you as part of the Boca Pointe family! Why not call 561-864-
                                                                                  8539 to learn more about your membership options so you, too, can enjoy this gem, the Club
         When you decided to buy or rent in Boca Pointe, you chose one of the top-rated   at Boca Pointe! 
      communities where becoming a member of the Club is a privilege, not mandated.
         That’s right! The Club at Boca Pointe is a rarity among private clubs in South Florida.
         At the Club at Boca Pointe residents (whether they are owners or renters) join because  Flu Shot Clinic
      Most clubs in South Florida mandate all residents to be club members. Like it or not!

      they want to make new friends and build lifelong memories as well as participate in a wide
      range of activities from social, to the card rooms, to the dining rooms to the fitness center   Hosted by Walgreens Pharmacy
      to the golf course or tennis courts. It is a privilege.                          The clinic will be held on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019 from
         Boca Pointe is the only club that has a menu of memberships designed specifically to   9am to 2:30pm at the Community Association office located at
      match your new lifestyle needs without incurring upfront financial commitments, which is   6909 SW 18th St. Suite A120 in the Boardwalk shopping plaza.
      required by other clubs.                                                         Pneumonia and Flu vaccinations are available. Unfortunately,
         Our Premier Membership program has more than 220 non-equity members at the Club,   the Shingrix (Shingles) vaccine is Not available this season.
      close to half of them reside in Boca Pointe as owners or renters. The Club is considered the      Please call the BPCA office to schedule your appointment or for more details (561)
      most flexible in South Florida. There are memberships available for as little as three months
      (for the first year and then four months thereafter) up to 12 months. This is to accommodate   395-7551. Appointments are required. 
      snowbirds, renters, and new owners with new lifestyles.
         This levels the playing field so to speak in that the Club is wide open and embracing of
      all new members. This puts to rest general concerns of: “how do I get a card game, how do
      I find a golf game, or a tennis match or will I be forced to eat alone.”                  SAVE THE DATE
         “These are concerns we hear all the time,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the
      Club. “The Club is very sensitive and our staff is trained to pay particular attention to new
      members so that they feel welcome in whatever activity in which they choose to participate.     Community Shred Event
         “Also since nearly 50 percent of our non-equity members, either own or rent in Boca    Date: Wednesday, December 4th
      Pointe, it helps level the playing field for new members to make new friends and to build
                                                                                                        Time: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

                                                                                      Please note: No x-rays, CD’s, DVD’s, no plastic or metal, no media drives
                                                                                                    (hard drives, USB drives, etc.) Paper only!

                                                                                              BRING YOUR BOXES!  LIMIT 5 PER RESIDENCE
                                                                                              Location:  The Club at Boca Pointe parking lot 
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