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Page 6, Viewpointe                                                  December 2019

       The Photo Corner: On Assignment

        – Support For All Pancreatic Cancer Patients

      By George Steinman                                 Purple for Support
                                                            T hi s  pu r p l e  b e a u t y
         Before I present my                             photograph was taken near the
      monthly ViewPointe article,                        Old Mission Rose Garden in
      Susan and I both wish our                          Santa Barbara, CA. When I saw
      friends and  families  and                         it, it was so bright and full of
      all  Boca  Pointe  residents                       life that I had to photograph it.
      a  Happy  Chanukah, a                              Yes I took multiple shots from
      Merry Christmas  and, for                          slightly different angles with
      those who still believe in                         basically the same lens settings.
      Seinfeldia in Del Boca                             And I selected this one. I was in
      Vista, a most Happy and                            the right spot at the right time,
      Joyous Festivus. It’s a very happy holiday time and just   and am proud to display it for
      enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!                               support of all Pancreatic Cancer
         I remember reading recently a quote from the    patients.
      famous photographer Sarah Rice. It went something like   A Light
      “Photograph things that you care about, not what others      I selected this orchid
      want to see. There is no substitute for passion.” With this   photograph for a specific reason.
      in mind while looking at some interesting articles on The   When  I  took  this  photograph
      Internet, I saw an advertisement saying that this month,   (here  in  Boca  Raton),  the
      November, was Pancreatic Cancer Support month. And   lighting was perfect. Being
      this got me thinking about our friends and family members   late in the day, the flower was
      who are no longer here due to this terrible disease, and   virtually back-lit as you can
      those who are still battling Pancreatic Cancer. I really   see the bright light reflected   Purple for Support
      miss those no longer here and “take my hat off” to those   in  the  center  of  the  orchids,
      still battling the disease. I knew that I wanted to present   especially the one on the left.
      several really neat purple flower pictures in support of a   For today’s purpose, it reminded
      cure for Pancreatic Cancer. And this is my passion.  me somewhat as a light in the
                                                         tunnel, as a light in the tunnel
                                                         for defeating Pancreatic cancer.
                                                            That’s it for this month. Always
        Golf Carts                                       remember to have your camera
                                                         with you all the time as you may
        Please Drive                                     see something that you have never
                                                         seen before and might never see
        Carefully!                                       again. And always remember to be
                                                         careful where you stand for your
                                                         safety and photo composition.
                                                         Also don’t forget the Peter Lik
                                                         philosophy “It’s not what you see.
                                                         It’s how you see it.” Follow the
                                                         light and photograph everything
                                                         that light makes beautiful. May
                                                         the light be with you always. And
                                                         most important, always make
                                                         photography fun.

                                                            George Steinman is a resident
                                                         of The Palms and can be contacted
                                                         at   A Light

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