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      Halli’s Comments

      The Fools Among Us                                 they could do a better job of running the empire. Constantine   that time of year with
                                                         amused, allowed a jester named Kugel to be king for one   its turn from winter to
      By Halli Moore                                     day. Kugel passed an edit calling for absurdity on that day,   Spring that lends itself to
                                                         and the custom became an annual event.            lighthearted celebrations.
         The expression “There’s                            “In a way,” explained Professor Boskin, “It was a very      Some fun facts about
      no fool like an old fool,” I                       serious day. In those times fools were really wise men. It was   April: The  diamond
      beg to differ with. There are                      the role of jesters to put things in perspective with humor.”   of  April  symbolizes
      many young fools who go                            The explanation was brought to the public’s attention in an   innocence. The Boston
      through life and remain old                        associated press article printed by many newspapers in 1983.   Marathon is always held
      fools.  There are  so  many                        There was only one catch, Boskin made the whole thing up.   during the month of
      young fools today I call phone                     It took a couple of weeks for the AP to realize that they had   April. In Ancient Rome,
      zombies.  This  description                        been victim of an April Fools joke themselves.    the month of April was sacred to the Goddess Venus. The
      seems to apply to the young                           Many different cultures have had days of foolishness   Japanese fiscal year for most businesses starts on April 1st.
      and their constant looking                         around the start of April, give or take a couple of weeks.   In England, there are many Cuckoo Festivals. The arrival of
      down. I was in New York recently and saw a young man   The Romans had a festival named Hilaria on March, 25th,   the Cuckoo bird in April is a signal that Spring has arrived.
      (about sixteen) actually walk into a fountain while looking   rejoicing in the surrender of Attis. The Hindu calendar has
      at and speaking on his phone. What are they looking at that   Holi and the Jewish calendar has Purim. It’s something about   Halli Moore is a resident of The Palms. 
      demands their constant attention? These young fools will
      wind up with the worst neck and spine problems ever known
      to man. Besides, they will also end up with double chins and
      look older than most of their elders.
         April is the month of April Fools Day sometimes called
      All Fools Day. The origins are uncertain, but some people
      see it as a celebration related to the turn of the seasons.
      In a previous column I told the story of Joseph Boskin, a
      professor of history at Boston University who explained that
      the practice began during the reign of Constantine when a
      group of court jesters and fools told the Roman Emperor that

       Dear Boca Pointe

       Dog Owners:

          We  have  had  a  few  recent
       complaints from residents who have
       had uncomfortable encounters with
       dogs off leash around
       the  property. We  are
       reaching out to our
       residents to remind them
       of our rules concerning
       keeping dogs on leashes and cleaning pet litter. As a
       resident of Boca Pointe you must: Keep your dog on
       a Leash. All dogs must be controlled on a leash by an
       able-bodied person, at all times, whenever the dog is on
       property. Also, you must clean up and properly dispose
       of pet waste when your pet relieves itself. Knowing and
       abiding by our community’s animal-related ordinances
       will help make our neighborhood a better place for
       everyone. Thank you! 

       Editorial copy appearing herewith is not necessarily the viewpoint of
       Seabreeze Publications of Central Florida. Most editorial copy is created by
       the homeowners and is edited by their appointed editor.

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