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VOL. 29 NO. 6                                                                                 JUNE 2021

      From The Manager                                                             Boca Pointe Patrol

      By Kathleen O’Donovan, General Manager
                                                                                   By Justin Mocha, Director of Security
      Community Association Elects New Board                                          As you are no doubt aware, Boca Pointe is an expansive community, 1,200 acres,

         The annual meeting of the Boca Pointe Community                           and many miles of road. I often get asked by residents or guests how many patrols
      Association was held on May 18, 2021 at The Club at                          we have on property. Some of them are shocked when I tell them we have two.
      Boca Pointe. The Village Presidents elected the 2021-                        Our officers conduct an average of 7,000 miles of patrol per month on Boca Pointe
      2022 Board of Directors. The new 2021 BPCA Board of                          property. And that’s only vehicle patrol. Patrols will regularly exit the vehicle and
      Directors are:                                                               conduct foot patrols in areas non-conducive to driving e.g. canal areas, the rear
         Chairman and President Barry J. Haberman of                               of buildings, etc. Patrols will conduct static patrols in visible locations. We use a
      Encantada, Vice Chairman Steve Retzer of La Mirada,                          variety of techniques to ensure the maximum amount of patrol visibility using the
      Secretary  Steven  King  of  Imperial  Royale, Treasurer                     resources that we have.
      Harvey Kaplan of Meridian, Director Marvin Lazarowitz                           While on patrol, our officers will be on the lookout for suspicious activity,
      of Via Stel, Director Chandra Stewart-Keith of Panache,                      unsecured homes or vehicles, property damage, water leaks, vehicles parked illegally,
      Director Bob Greenstein of Lakes of La Paz, Director                         vendors on property after hours, and much more. Our patrols generate over 200
      Mary Ann Frazier of The Palms, Director Allan Markoff                        reports per month on vehicle parking violations and open garage doors alone. We
      of The Plum, Director Robin Gliboff of Edgewater, Director Carsten Bethge of Valencia,   call this active enforcement.
      Director Howard Weinstein of El Dorado, Director Michel Ehrentreu of El Viento,      Patrols also respond to resident or guest complaints and concerns. We call
      Director Robert Cornell of Costa Brava and Director Connie Murray of Villa Flora.  this response enforcement. Above all, Boca Pointe security prides itself on being
         Congratulations to all!!                                                  responsive to our residents. There are standard responses such as medical, burglary
         We would like to welcome the new members to the Board and give a sincere Thank   and  fire  alarms.  Patrol  responds  to  about  80  alarms  per  month. The  rest  of  our
      You to all former Board members for their hard work and dedication.         responses span the entire gamut of residential security concerns or incidents.
                                                                                   Vehicle accidents, water leaks, power outages, equipment malfunctions, welfare
                                                                                   checks, juvenile trouble, trespassing, etc. Patrol responds to over 200 of these sort
        Call For Volunteers                                                        of incidents per month.
                                                                                      Every patrol officer at Boca Pointe has at least three years of experience onsite in

                                                                                   their role. Our patrol leadership all possess over ten years’ experience. We leverage
            Interested in serving on a committee?                                  this institutional knowledge during our responses, and if we can’t solve your issue
            The  BPCA  hosts (3)  three  long                                      we can often direct you to someone who can.
         standing committees. Below is the                                            All patrol responses and reports are documented digitally and stored in a central
         name of the committee and a brief                                         database. Every report is reviewed by me, and each village can have reports
         description of its functions.                                             concerning their community automatically sent to a designated contact once reviewed
            ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL/                                                 and approved. If you are a board member of a community and do not have this set
         SITE COMMITTEE:  To monitor adherence to the architectural control        up you can contact me at (561) 672-3309 or
         guidelines and minimum standards of maintenance adopted by the BPCA, in      So please do not hesitate to make use of this resource. If there is an incident unfolding,
         order to preserve and enhance the aesthetic qualities of the Community.   call access control at (561) 395-3392 and patrol can be there in minutes. 
            ACCESS CONTROL and SAFETY COMMITTEE: The purpose of the
         committee is to advise and assist the Board of Directors of Boca Pointe Community
         Association in promoting and preserving the safety and security of the community,
         its residents, and its properties.                                              Transponder Trouble?
            BUDGET & FINANCE COMMITTEE: The purpose of the committee is
         to assist the Treasurer’s review of the funds, assets, and financial records of the
         Association. Service on the committee will be a requirement for the position of           TRANSPONDER FEES
         Treasurer of the Association.
            Volunteers play a very important role by participating on a committee;
         providing thoughtful input to deliberations; and focusing on the best interests of      The transponders that you use to gain entry through the gates work off of batteries.
         the BPCA while working toward accomplishing our goals. The BPCA could not   The batteries are built into the device and cannot be replaced. At the end of their
         be such a success without our great, dedicated volunteers.                life, the entire device must be replaced. Most of our devices have been in use for
            Service as a committee member is a one-year term and it requires participation   over five years now and are beginning to fail. If your device is no longer working
         on monthly Zoom conference calls or in person meetings and collaborative   properly, it may be time for you to purchase a new one. Replacement devices are
         involvement on projects that the committee mandates.                      sold at the discounted price of $50. Please call for an appointment (561) 395-7551.
            If you would like to be considered for one of the committee positions in the   Driver’s license and vehicle registration required. 
         upcoming year, please email to request an application. 
                                                                                                           $75.00 - New transponder
                                                                                                        $50.00 - Replacement transponder
                                                                                                        $5.00 - Transponder plastic holder
                                                                                    **Homeowners, tenants and club members will be issued a transponder to the village
                                                                                           they reside in and into the Boca Pointe Club if they are a member**

                                                                                                  ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF PAYMENT
                                                                                                    CHECK or MONEY ORDER ONLY
                                                                                                       NO REFUNDS ARE ISSUED
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