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       Opening Up

      By Judith Levy
                                                         in a few months ago are now back to letting you know they’re   Now that it’s not so necessary and I can go wherever I want to
         Things seem to be                               doing you a favor to give you a reservation. When you call   go, I can’t think of any place to go, so I’ve become a bit of a
      calming  down.  People                             a store or pharmacy, you might even be fortunate enough to   lock up hermit. I gave up going to the mall, I shop in my closet,
      are not wearing masks so                           get a person to respond, not just a record. Of course, they   my fashion is anything that fits. I have food delivered, I order
      much in the street anymore,                        may be all out of whatever it is you’re calling about, but at   things online, so now I must find a reason to go out and my
      so I can again recognize                           least you get a human voice expressing an apology for the   reason seems to have gone out, leaving me home wondering
      neighbors, many who seem                           disappointing lack of product. So, does that help? Not much,   now that life is going back to normal, what is normal for me?
      to have aged, but not I.                           but it beats the impersonal record you’ve had to tolerate   Have I changed unalterably, or can I change back? Do I want
      How did that happen? Now                           during this pandemic. Things seem to be headed in the right   to change back? Yes, I do. I want an ease of living. I want to
      these people seem to be                            direction and that’s all to the good. Anyway, it’s picking up   make plans again. I want to see my out of town children. I’d
      willing to stop and inquire                        my spirits.                                       like to attend a wedding or any family celebration. Hose me
      how I am, I ask how they are too. Conversation, mostly      Who knows, I may be getting to the movie theater soon.   down, I’m chomping at the bitt for life to hurry and bring on
      it’s waste of time talk, but still it’s nice to shoot the breeze   I haven’t been there to see a film for over a year. I’ve trained   the good times! Well, how about you?
      with Boca Pointers after months of hurrying by with my   myself not to go to the supermarket till I absolutely need
      head down, hardly inhaling.                        several or more items. Do without, I would tell myself, just stay      Judith Levy is the New York Times best-selling author of
         Restaurants, who would have kissed your feet for coming   home unless you absolutely must go out, and I have done that.   GRANDMOTHER REMEMBERS, which has sold over four
                                                                                                           million copies and has been translated into five languages
                                                                                                           and the mega best-seller GRANDFATHER REMEMBERS,
                                                                                                           published by HarperCollins. 
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