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      Tax Talk

      Dear Friends:                                      View Payment Status Online                        Request”  on  the  right-hand  side  of  the  web  page. A
         First, Happy New Year                                                                             member of the team will follow up to see how we can
      to you and your family and                            Did you know that you can check the status of your   best partner with your group.
      friends. I am hopeful that                         payment in five easy steps? Step 1. Visit our payment site      Follow us on social media: @TaxPBC on Twitter and
      2022  will  be  a  very  good             Step 2. Click the tab you   Instagram, and @PBCTAX on Facebook to see where we
      year as we return to some                          wish to check the status of: Property Tax, Business Tax,   will be headed next – perhaps to a neighborhood event
      level of normalcy.                                 Tangible Tax, Tourist Development Tax. Step 3. Click the   near you. We look forward to seeing you soon!
         The new year typically                          drop-down to search by: Name, Account number, Address,
      means declaring well-intended                      etc. Step 4. Once you find your information, click on the   New Veterans’ Mental Health
      resolutions.  While  not  a                        account number highlighted in blue. Step 5. Look at the
      traditional resolution, I always                   right-hand side under the text that says Collection Cart   Resource In Palm Beach
      look forward to this time of                       to see your payment status.
      year when the weather offers cooler temperatures and gorgeous                                        County
      sunny days, and I can commit to spending more time working   Coming To A Neighborhood
      in my garden. From planting and weeding to tending to my very                                           Local  veterans  have  a  new  resource  to  help  treat
      productive honeybees, the South Florida winter months, with  Near You!                               mental  health  issues.  Connected Warriors,  a  501(c)(3)
      the lower humidity and cooler temperatures, give me greater                                          nonprofit,  has  opened  a  new  behavioral  health  center
      opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and my garden.      After so many ups and downs over the course of the   in Boca Raton. Connected Warriors has been providing
         Gardening has always been a passion of mine and I am so   pandemic, we, like you, are excited to be back out in the   services for over 170,000 veterans nationwide the past
      honored to have recently been appointed to the Board of Directors   community and returning to a “new normal.” Our team   11  years  through  partnerships  with  the  Department  of
      for the Mounts Botanical Garden, which is Palm Beach County’s   of community engagement ambassadors will be visiting   Defense and Department of Veteran Affairs through its
      oldest and largest botanical garden. If you, like me, share a love   Palm Beach County community events and associations   therapeutic yoga programs.
      for the outdoors and the many native plants here in Florida, I   in the coming months, and they look forward to seeing      The Connected Warriors Center will allow veterans
      encourage you to visit Mounts Botanical Garden at 531 North   you there!                             of all eras faster access to licensed and professional
      Military Trail, West Palm Beach. You can visit www.mounts.     Some annual events, such as the Palm Beach Pride   mental health treatment. The therapists are either veterans
      org for more information and maybe I will see you there!  Parade and Festival in Lake Worth Beach in March, and   themselves or are experts in the veterans’ culture. There is
                                              Sincerely,  Belle Glade’s Black Gold Jubilee in April, are open to   no cost to veterans and services are covered by the 2018
                                        Anne M. Gannon,  the public and all are welcome to attend. Our team will   Mission Act as well as local donations.
                                Constitutional Tax Collector,   be there with educational materials and ready to answer      The new center is designed to provide veterans the
                                Serving Palm Beach County  your questions about our services. Other outreach events   support necessary to overcome the trauma of war and
                                                         we participate in are held for smaller groups such as civic   military service through customized treatment plans along
       New Year Resolution: More                         or homeowners’ associations.                      with  their  trauma  conscious  yoga  practice. Treatment
                                                                                                           options include hyperbaric chambers, equine therapy,

                                                           If you are a member of an association that would
       You Time!                                         benefit  from  educational  information  from  the  Tax   adaptive sports, aquatics training and yoga.
                                                         Collector’s  Office,  reach  out  to  us  at  www.pbctax.     Connected Warriors  is  located  at  21301  Powerline
          Our  agency  wants                             com/contact-us by choosing “Community Engagement   Road, Suite 106 in Boca Raton. If you or a loved one
       to help you accomplish                                                                              need  assistance,  call  (954)  278-3764  or  email  info@
       your resolutions in 2022                                                                  
       by freeing up your time.
       With the many services we                                                                           Important Dates And
       offer, we expect at some
       point you might need to                                                                             Deadlines
       schedule a visit to one of our service centers or perhaps call
       our office for assistance. Here are some tips to save you time.                                     Jan. 17  Martin Luther King
       Convenient Payment Options                                                                          Holiday – Offices Closed
          We offer several convenient payment options, such as:                                            Jan. 31  Last day to receive
       online e-check and credit card payments, mail, drop boxes                                           2 percent discount on
       located in each of our services centers, self-serve kiosks                                          property tax payment 
       for vehicle registrations, and wire transfers. We don’t,
       however, offer payments over the phone so we encourage
       you to visit for
       more information.

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