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      Boca West Children’s Foundation Asks For

      Community Help With Seventh Annual Diaper Drive

         The Boca West Children’s Foundation (BWCF) is      For more information, visit www.bocawestfoundation.
      out to break its record of collecting 100,000 diapers for   org, call (561) 488-6980 or email foundation@
      The Diaper Bank, covering South Florida, during the
      BWCF Diaper Drive. Diapers can be ordered online at   About The Diaper Bank, Covering South Florida or dropped      The Diaper Bank, covering South Florida, ensures
      off at Boca West Realty Office, 20583 Boca West Drive,   that  low-income families in  South Palm  Beach  and
      Boca Raton from now until the end of February. Since the   North Broward counties receive the necessary diapers
      start of the COVID-19 pandemic, diaper requests have   over 3,000 local children depend on by distributing over
      increased by 27 percent. Diapers in size 4, 5 and 6 are   600,000 diapers annually and partnering with more than
      particularly needed.                               20 local nonprofit agencies. We are dedicated to breaking
         The foundation has served as a major supporter of the   the cycle of diaper inequity and promoting awareness,
      diaper bank since 2016 as it falls within the organization’s   education, and advocacy to nurture strong community
      mission to help programs that aid local children.  connections and give children the opportunity to SHINE.
         “Clean diapers are as essential as food to eat and a      More information on The Diaper Bank and diaper need
      place to live for a baby. Whether or not a child has enough   is available at and on Facebook
      clean diapers impacts not only the health of a child, but   (
      their parents’ ability to work,” said Pamela Weinroth,
      executive director/COO of Boca  West Children’s
      Foundation. “Last year the foundation collected 100,000
      diapers and we hope to do so again this year.”
         Infants and toddlers who remain in soiled diapers
      for too long are at risk of urinary tract infections and
      skin infections. Most childcare centers, even free and                                             Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.
      supply of disposable diapers to care for a baby. Without  Plan Ahead to Help
      subsidized facilities, require parents to provide a daily

      childcare, parents cannot go to work or school.                                                                 Arthur Rottenstein
                                                                                                                      Registered Securities Principal
         Throughout the year, BWCF also accepts monetary   Ease the Burden of
      donations for the diaper bank. A donation of $25 will                                                           561-241-6616
      $100 will purchase 500 diapers, according to the National  Tax Season                                           ArthurRottenstein@
      purchase 120 diapers, $50 will purchase 250 diapers, and
      Diaper Bank Network. Donations may be made by check                                                   
      to Boca West Children’s Foundation and mailed to P.O.     Most U.S. taxpayers “completely agree”
      Box 3070, Boca Raton, FL 33431.                      (68%) or “mostly agree” (26%) that paying
         A few facts about the need for diapers, according to   their fair share of taxes is a civic duty.           Joseph Carpenito
      the National Diaper Bank Network.
         • Infants require up to 12 diapers per day, toddlers   However, no one wants to pay more than his or        Financial Advisor
      about eight.                                         her fair share. To help avoid doing so, consider          561-241-6616
         • Disposable diapers can cost $80 per month per baby.  addressing some important priorities before you      Joseph.Carpenito@
         • No state or federal child safety-net program allocates   begin filling out your tax forms.      
      dollars specifically for the purchase of diapers.
         •  Without  transportation,  buying  diapers  at  a                                                        301 Yamato Road, Suite 3160
      convenience store rather than a large “big box” store can     Here are some steps that might help reduce         Boca Raton, FL 33431
      significantly increase the monthly cost of diapers.  stress when preparing your return.
         •  Most  childcare  centers,  even  free  and  subsidized
      facilities, require parents to provide a day’s supply of   Create an online account with the IRS.
      disposable diapers.
         • The Supplemental Nutrition Supplement Program     In addition to making it easier to review important tax information from previous years, an
      (SNAP), also known as food stamps, does not cover    online IRS account provides a secure platform for reviewing the total amount you owe, making
      diapers.                                             payments, responding to third-party tax information authorization requests, and more. Your balance
      About Boca West Children’s Foundation
         The Boca West Foundation was launched in 2010 and   is typically updated each night, and the service is available seven days a week, which makes it a
      came about as a desire by the thousands of volunteers   good resource if you don't have easy access to hard copies of previous returns.
      from the Boca West Country Club to give back to children      Visit for more information.
      in Palm Beach County. The foundation’s mission is to
      identify and fund projects to assist children and their   Organize paperwork for all sources of income.
      families  in need  in the  area. Since  its  inception, the
      foundation has granted more than $14 million for specific     Completing a tax return can be stressful enough without having to search for supporting
      programs for more than 30 charities.
                                                           documents, so at the outset gather records of all taxable income you earned during the year. If
                                                           you are unsure whether income is taxable, review IRS Publication 525, Taxable and Nontaxable
       Editorial  copy  appearing  herewith  is  not  necessarily  the  viewpoint  of
       Seabreeze Publications of Central Florida. Most editorial copy is created by   Income. For example, if you received income in the form of a valid check during 2021 but did not
       the homeowners and is edited by their appointed editor.
                                                           cash the check until 2022, you must still include it on your 2021 return. Other forms of taxable
                                                           income include workplace bonuses and awards (e.g., goods, services, and vacation trips) and
                                                           winnings from lotteries and raffles. The fair market value of any “found property” you acquired
                                                           is also taxable. Found property includes anything you found and kept that did not belong to you
                                                           but is now in your “undisputed possession.”
         Seabreeze Publications
                                                           Determine whether you qualify for disaster relief.
                          M. Sean Reid
                            J. Reid                          If your home or business is in an area that was affected by a natural disaster, the IRS may extend
                                                           deadlines for filing returns and paying taxes. To determine whether you qualify, consult the Tax
              Tom English, Laura Berrio, Bret McCormick    Relief in Disaster Situations page on the IRS website.
                                                             Filing your taxes doesn’t need to be an annual exercise in frustration. This year, consider
                Production Manager   Lee Nostrant
                                                           simplifying your financial life by doing some basic pre-planning. Before you take any specific
                     Production Department                 action, be sure to consult with your tax professional.
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            Sherry Whalon • Dianne Strout •  Karen Kalisz
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