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March 2022                                                                March 2022                                                   PGA C.A.N.!, Page 13
      Gardens GreenMarket Is The Place To Be On Sunday

      Report and Photos by Penny Sheltz                 pickles, food, crafts, seafood, honey, flowers, jams, pasta   from prepared food and fresh produce to crafts and jewelry.
         The Gardens GreenMarket is open on Sunday with a   sauces, chicken, beef, orchids and more. It is an outdoor   The GreenMarket is located by the Palm Beach Gardens
      great selection of veggies, baked goods, oils, cheeses, olives,   market and a great place to find almost anything you want   Town Hall Plaza on Burns Road and Military Trail.

      Variety of fragrance oils of many flowers, roses, gardenias, etc.   Summer Gill songs and music entertain shoppers

                                                                                                           Varieties of cheeses

             2022 Minor League Packages

                Calling All Fans                             Calling All Fans

                   15 And Under!                                  55 And Over!                             Fresh cut flowers and veggies

                        Tickets To All                                  Tickets To All
                       Saturday Games                                Wednesday Games

                    Official                                        Official
             Membership Card                                 Membership Card

                        Free Hot Dog &                                  Free Hot Dog &

                      Soda At The Game                               Soda At The Game

             Official Kids Club                                  Win Prizes In                             Free cucumbers on a stick

                      T-Shirt                                  Baseball Bingo

                       10% Discount At                                10% Discount At
                       The Team Store!                                 The Team Store!

                                                                                                           Breads, pastries, croissants, etc.
       $25 for Kids Club and $35 for Silver Sluggers!                                                      Gardens GreenMarket on page 14

                                     For More information:
                      (561) 775-1818
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