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      Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Fun Fact

      Bagpipes In The Fire Service                         Becoming desperate to earn money to support their families,   joyous occasion, just as the ever-present pride and overwhelming
                                                        they took the jobs that no one else wanted because it was a dirty,   sorrow breaks the firefighter’s heart when hearing the wail of
      By Steen Eriksson, Professional Firefighters      dangerous and physically demanding way to earn very little   Amazing Grace at the funeral for a fallen firefighter killed in the
      and Paramedics of Palm Beach County               pay and even less respect. They became firefighters and police   line of duty.
         As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, I want to share a bit of the   officers.                            Next time you hear a fire department pipes and drums band,
      history of bagpipes in the Fire Service.             One of the Irish traditions they brought with them was the   please remember just how it came to be such a deep-rooted part
         Parades featuring fire department honor guards and pipes and   bagpipes. In an effort to keep their traditions alive, the firefighters   of our tradition.
      drums bands take place across the United States, and especially   would play the bagpipes while at work, and over time it became         Steen Eriksson,
      in the Northeast as part of St. Patrick’s Day festivities.  part of the firefighter culture.                              Community Relations-HOA North,
         This often piques the curiosity about the relationship      Few things evoke a firefighter’s emotions like the sounds of   Professional Firefighters/Paramedics of Palm Beach County,
      firefighters and police officers have with the bagpipes, and how   pipes and drums. Feelings of pride and joy swell a firefighter’s    IAFF Local 2928,
      it has become part of our tradition.              heart when listening to up-tempo Irish and Scottish tunes at a         
         In the mid-1800s, there was a massive migration of Irish to
      the United States, mainly to cities in the Northeast. This was due
      largely in part to the potato famine in Ireland prompting people   Cardiac Achievements At
      to search for a better life.
         Initially, the Irish were not welcomed here, and as they   Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center
      searched for jobs, they were usually greeted by signs stating,
      “Irish need not apply.”
                                                             Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, part of the Palm  their risk of stroke. Dr. Nishant Patel and Dr. Matthew
                                                          Beach Health Network, celebrates a major milestone in the  Kolek were the first two physicians to perform this type
      Gardens GreenMarket from page 13                    history of its cardiac program, as the hospital has completed  of procedure.
                                                          over 19,000 open-heart surgeries. As the first hospital in     One in four adults over the age of 40 will develop A-Fib
                                                          Palm Beach County to start an open-heart surgery program,  in their lifetime, but this new hybrid procedure is now giving
                                                          Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center continues to provide  people an opportunity to no longer suffer with this disease
                                                          innovative, top quality cardiac care to the community.   and be able to resume their daily activities. This hospital is
                                                             Experience counts, and that is what this achievement  at the forefront of new procedures for cardiac care, and our
                                                          represents as an important part of the growth of our cardiac  community has access to them right here in our backyard.
                                                          program for almost 40 years. When it comes to the heart, we     Unlike traditional surgical treatments, the LARIAT
                                                          remain focused on advancing the level of care we provide to  procedure is completed through small punctures in the
                                                          our patients by adding some of the newest and latest cardiac  skin, so in addition to less pain, the patient benefits from
                                                          procedures to our program.                       a shorter recovery time and less risk of complications.
                                                             Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center started its open-     The Convergent procedure effectively treats patients
                                                          heart program in 1983, with cardiothoracic surgeon Dr.  with chronic atrial fibrillation. It utilizes radiofrequency
                                                          Richard Faro performing the first procedure. Since then, the  to block irregular electrical signals by producing lesions,
      Artist Steven Swartz with his handmade birdhouses   hospital has been recognized nationally for its cardiac care,  or scar tissue, on the heart.
                                                          and continues to be at the forefront of pioneering some of     As the first hospital in Florida to combine these two
                                                          the latest medical procedures in the area for heart patients.  procedures, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center is
                                                             This isn’t just our 1,000th, 5,000th, or even 10,000th  invested in making sure patients in our community have
                                                          heart surgery. It is our 19,000th, and the success of this  access to the very best, and most sophisticated cardiac
                                                          program was built upon the experience, skill and dedication  treatment in the state. As one of just a handful of centers
                                                          of our team to provide the latest cardiac treatments for our  performing this new procedure, this treatment will give
                                                          patients. We are proud of what we have accomplished so far,  people, who in the past have had unsuccessful A-Fib
                                                          and we will continue to be here to bring many more firsts to  therapies, a new lease on life, and reduce their chance of
                                                          the communities we serve.                        suffering a stroke.
                                                             Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center is also the first     Other cardiac achievements of the hospital include:
      Hand-crafted wooden products                        hospital in the state of Florida to now offer the new  • More than 100,000 cardiac catheterizations
                                                          LARIAT/Convergent Hybrid AF  procedure for patients  • Over 700 TAVRs
                                                          who have atrial fibrillation, or A-Fib. This technique  • Over 275 Mitraclips
                                                          combines left atrial appendage closure with the LARIAT  • Over 50 Convergent procedures
                                                          and the Convergent procedure to ablate both the inside and  • Over 50 minimally invasive cardiac surgeries
                                                          outside part of the heart tissue causing A-Fib. This gives     For more information about our cardiac services and
                                                          patients a better chance of curing their A-Fib, and reduce  programs, go to or call (561) 622-1411.
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