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Page 10, PGA C.A.N.!                                                 March 2022                                                                                                                                                    March 2022
      Tax Talk

      Dear Friends:                                     Saying Goodbye To The                              people,” said Gannon. “This new service center will give
         After finding the right                                                                           us the ability to serve clients more efficiently now and in
      location for  our  newest                         “Little Fort” PGA Office                           the future.”
      service center, more than a                                                                             I expect to complete construction on this new service
      year of construction and just                        And with a rumble and cloud of dust, we finally said   center in late 2023.
      about 22 miles of cables,                         goodbye to our “Little Fort” PGA office. On Monday,
      I  was  thrilled  to  officially                  Feb. 7, demolition of what was once the Tax Collector’s   Welcome To The TCO!
      open our Westlake Service                         smallest office, took place.
      Center on Feb. 22! With an                           Operated  by  the  State  Division  of  Driver  Licenses      I am pleased to welcome the newest member of our
      audience of distinguished                         before the Tax Collector’s Office inherited the building   senior leadership team, Ajani Starks. Ajani is our new
      guests from the county and                        in 2010, this location has served generations of Palm   director of contact center operations and will assume
      City of Westlake, the ribbon                      Beach County drivers. And just as Palm Beach County   responsibility for the Client Care and Research Center. He
      was cut, and the service center was open for business!   has grown, we must also grow to accommodate the needs   brings significant call center and client service experience
      It is always a tremendous undertaking to construct and   of the public.                              with him, most recently as the call center manager for
      open a new facility and my staff, led by Joe Sverak, chief      A new, state-of-the-art facility, offering 74 percent   Broward County Government where he led a team of
      information and facilities officer, and all our partners did   more client service stations to meet anticipated growth   150 employees that answered calls for multiple county
      an amazing job bringing this new 23,735-square-foot   to serve North County taxpayers, will replace the former   agencies  and  the  county’s  emergency  hotline during
      state-of-the-art service center to the growing western   DMV  office.  Clients  will  enjoy  the  convenience  of  a   declared emergencies. “I am excited to join the Palm
      communities of our county. My staff and I are looking   secure drive-by drop box, offering payment 24/7 without   Beach County Tax Collector’s Office and look forward
      forward to serving our residents in that area!    having to get out of their car or make an appointment.  to continuing our standard of excellence in providing
         I also want to remind you that if you have not yet paid      With this addition, the Tax Collector’s Office currently   unparalleled customer service to our clients,” said Starks.
      your 2021 property tax, the March 31 deadline is fast   operating within the North County Governmental Center
      approaching. Visit our website, to make   will close. Then, our North County team will transition   Important Dates And
      a payment before the deadline!                    to the new facility once completed in late 2023.
                                              Sincerely,     The new service center will be the third facility built   Deadlines
                                       Anne M. Gannon,  by our agency to meet the demand because of the growth
            Constitutional Tax Collector, Serving Palm Beach   in Palm Beach County.                       March 1   Tourist Development Tax (TDT) due
                                                County     “When I was elected in 2006, our county was home to   March 13  Daylight Saving Time begins
                                                        700,000 people. We have now grown to over 1.6 million   March 17  St. Patrick’s Day
      New 2022 Tax Planner &                                                                               March 31  Deadline to pay 2021 property tax
                                                                                                           March 31  Final installment payment plan payment due
      Services Guide

         I am pleased to
      share  that  our 2022
      edition of the award-
      winning Tax Planner
      &  Services  Guide
      is now available
      in digital and print
      formats. Each year, I
      am proud to provide
      this guide, to you,
      our  clients,  so  you
      can plan for the year
      ahead. This year, new
      enhancements have
      been added, including QR codes, so you can easily scan the
      page on your smart device to link to additional information
      on our website.
         Next time you have an appointment to visit one of
      our service center locations, you can pick up a copy or
      visit to order a print copy and to
      view the guide in a convenient digital format. The digital
      version contains links to corresponding content, forms, and
      resources right on our website, making it easier than ever
      to find what you need. I hope you find this guide helpful
      and useful.

        Reminder From

         The POA/ARC

          POA documents
        require that all
        residents apply
        for POA and HOA
        approval  prior to
        making any changes
        to the exterior of
        your home, including but not limited to
        tree removal or planting, new landscaping,
        painting, roofing, additions or construction,
        fencing, hurricane shutters, impact glass, play
        equipment, garage door replacement or any
        other change, you must contact the PGA POA          Licensed and Insured
        Architectural Review Committee for approval.
        Information and forms are available at www. under the “Documents & Forms”
        heading or call 627-2800.
                                         Thank you,
                                      Jack Hughes,
                               Chairman, POA ARC
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