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November 2022                                                    Viewpointe, Page 9
      Boca Pointe Ambulances Update / End Of Year Campaign

      By Yishai Mizrahi

         Dear Friends, this month
      I want to update you on the
      eight ambulances still in
      service, thanks to the Burt
      Goodman (z’l) chapter of
      Boca Pointe and donors
      to American Friends of
      Magen David Adom.
         As many of you know,
      Burt was an incredible man
      and made it his mission to reach out far and wide in Boca
      Pointe, to raise funds to save lives in Israel thru Magen
      David Adom, and his legacy lives on through the efforts
      of those ambulances. The eight Boca Pointe sponsored
      ambulances still in service have helped to save nearly
      65,000 lives cumulatively, and the locations they are
      based in crisscross the entire State of Israel. From small
      towns, to big cities, and everywhere in between, Israelis   Uzi, Driver and Paramedic on Boca Pointe
      from all walks of life benefit from your efforts. Each and   2013 Sponsored MICU
      everyday, these emergency vehicles and the paramedics
      and EMT’s who use them save lives, and the Boca Pointe      As we approach year end, I now want
      community is proudly displayed when they do. Not   to share with you some exciting year –
      only in times of great distress, but also during times of   end gift opportunities we have available.
      great joy. Over 2400 babies have been assisted in their   Magen David  Adom has asked us at
      delivery OR delivered outright, by an ambulance bearing   AFMDA to reach out to our communities
      the name of the Boca Pointe community, as most recently   as they are in urgent need of Life Support
      as June. If you are interested in learning how to take a   Medicycles to add to their fleet of lifesaving
      leadership role in creating more of these community   vehicles. These vehicles are able to navigate
      campaigns for Boca Pointe, please do not hesitate to reach   gridlocked traffic in order to get to the
      out to me.                                         site of emergencies in minutes and carry  Last Boca Pointe Sponsored Ambulance from 2018
                                                                           lifesaving medical
                                                                           equipment and a trained EMT to   to marriages. And of
                                                                           triage any emergency. They are one   course, oftentimes the
                                                                           of our most popular sponsorship   reason is merely for tax
                                                                           opportunities, and if you are   benefit purposes and to
                                                                           interested in sponsorship of a   save lives.
                                                                           whole or half Medicycle, please      For more information
                                                                           do not hesitate to reach out to   on our year end
                                                                           Yishai. This is a great opportunity   sponsorship needs,
                                                                           to share in the values of Tzedakah   please call:  Yishai
                                                                           with friends or family and utilize   Mizrahi, Area Director
                                                                           those efforts towards saving    for American Friends   Life Support Medicycle
                                                                           lives. Sponsorship cost is $36,000   of Magen David Adom
                                                                           and can be split over multiple   in Boca Raton/Delray Beach, at 561.288.5658 or email
                                                                           years. Only nine are available
                                                                           nationwide, so if you would like the      We thank you and are eternally grateful for the
                                                                           opportunity to sponsor a Medicycle   incredible role all of you play in saving lives in Israel. 
                                                                           to memorialize a loved one, or
                                                                           celebrate a special occasion, please
                                                                           do reach out. Currently I have              Wildlife
                                                                           fielded calls for those looking
                                                                           to celebrate everything from
      Most Recent Stork Report for Boca Pointe                             birthdays, to memorial tributes,    In Boca Pointe

                                                                                                            Have you captured any

                                                                                                            images of Wildlife in Boca

                                                                                                               We’d love to publish your pictures in our new section
                                                                                                            Wildlife in Boca Pointe!
                                                                                                               Please tell us where the photo was taken. Your photos
                                                                                                            may be published in The Viewpointe!
        Scott Cohen is Here to Help!                                                                           Send your photos to lisa.cammaleri@fsresidential.
                                                                                                            com. 
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