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      Stretching Exercises For Seniors:

      Simple Ways To Improve Mobility

      By Leah Ploumis, CPT, Fitness Director,            circulation, balance, flexibility, muscle tone, and mood.   inability to fully use your muscles when you need them
      Edgewater at Boca Pointe                           Stretching also helps to minimize muscle tension, stress,   for an activity. As a result, you are left at risk for muscle
                                                         and the probability of falls.                     damage, strains, and joint pain.
         As  we age, our  muscles weaken and  joints stiffen,      For those who use wheelchairs and mobility scooters,
      making even the most basic tasks burdensome. Fortunately,   stretching can also reduce spasticity and swelling in the   How to Perform Stretching
      stretching can help mitigate this reduced mobility.  lower extremities.
         Adding a simple stretching regimen to your week                                                   Exercises
      can help you restore flexibility, ease discomfort, loosen   Impact of Age on Flexibility
      muscles, and relax joints, making those everyday      As you age, your joints become stiffer and less   Warm Up and Timing
      activities less difficult once again. Here are some of our   flexible because the amount of lubricating fluid inside      Before doing any stretching, it’s important to warm up
      favorite stretches for seniors.                    them decreases, cartilage becomes thinner, and muscles   your muscles. By doing so, you improve your circulation
                                                         shorten.                                          and raise the temperature of your muscle tissue temperature,
      Benefits of Stretching for Seniors                    The effects of age,  combined with  an increase in   which reduces your injury risk.
         Stretching, when done routinely, provides older adults   sedentary lifestyle that’s common to many older adults,      One way to go is to plan your stretching routine to follow
      with an abundance of health benefits, such as improving   cause  tight  muscles,  an  increase  of  injuries, and the   your regular cardio workout. That way, your muscles are
                                                                                                           already warmed up. Alternatively, five to 10 minutes of light
                                                                                                           activity, like walking, should do that trick. Nevertheless, if
                                                                                                           you prefer, you can create the same effect with a hot bath.

                                                                                                           Frequency and Timing
                                                                                                              Plan on stretching all your major muscle groups at least
                                                                                                           two to three times a week as well as after any workout. Most
                                                                                                           stretches should be held without a bounce for approximately
                                                                                                           30 seconds. They should then be repeated two more times
                                                                                                           before switching sides.
                                                                                                              Experts continue to debate the best time of day to stretch.
        Scott Cohen is Here to Help!                                                                       Still, each option has its benefits. Stretching when you wake

        Your fellow Boca Pointe Resident is available to                                                   up in the morning can relieve pain and tension you’ve added
                                                                                                           to your body overnight, help improve your mood, and boost
        help with Property Insurance Claims to ensure                                                      your circulation. However, stretching before bed relaxes your
        your insurance company treats you fairly!                                                          muscles, improves sleep, and helps prevent you from waking
                                                                                                           up with new pain in the morning.
         Do You Have an INSURANCE CLAIM?                                                                   Tools
        ●  Water damage?               ●  Fire?                                                               Although some stretches require additional equipment,
        ●  Roof leak?                  ●  Mold?                                                            such as resistance bands, chairs, and towels, the majority of
                                                                                                           stretches can be performed without any equipment.
        ●  Damaged floor tile?         ●  Storm damage?
        ●  Plumbing leak?              ●  Kitchen/Bathroom damage?                                         Safety
        ●  Cabinet damage?                                                                                    Stretching  should never cause pain. It may feel
                        Scott Will Get You the Settlement YOU Deserve!                                     uncomfortable sometimes, but if a stretch is painful, stop. If
                                                                                                           the pain continues when you try again, speak with a doctor
         Closed, Denied, Underpaid Claim? He can help! Call for a FREE no obligation inspection!           or physical therapist about your concerns and stretching
                                           No recovery? No fee!!                                           technique. Remember, it takes time to increase flexibility. If
                                                                                                           you try to push too hard into a stretch before your muscles
                     Your insurance company has experts on their side – SHOULDN’T YOU?                     are ready, you can end up with a torn muscle. 
                        Call Scott directly (954) 937-1224 /
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                                                                                                                              of way!

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